Vehemently a math person until I was 15, becoming a writer was the last thing on my mind for the majority of my life. Overly analytical and systematic, I didn’t think creativity was my strong suit. I liked to figure out how things worked, in case anything went wrong, I could map out how to fix it. In many ways, this is still exactly who I am. Through these words, I unroll the blueprints and run my fingers across every line. I’m able to dissect questions through writing them out. Picking out the details to smooth out and which ones to leave open ended.


The format of this page should read like a column; different topics with the same underlying theme. Most of these topics come to me throughout the day; I open the Notes in my phone, or a notebook nearby and I scribble down as much as I can.


I’ve always been so attracted to vulnerability. Not the sad kind that reaches for sympathy, but rather the kind that’s raw and open, and we can all see a piece of ourselves in it. An artist who’s grieving a lost one, a poet whose yearning to come home. There is a bit of all of us in them. Although they never voice what they’re going through we think, ‘they must have created this because they miss their mother. And in that moment, we feel like we know them a little better. We know ourselves a little better.


I hope these words walk through you the way others’ words have done for me. This is my quiet place where I can open all of the windows, letting the sun and the air in. Where I can let energy float in and out as it pleases. I encourage you all to open your windows as well. There is so much world for us to see out their, and this is how I want to show mine